Early bird full festival tickets now on sale!

After two years of limitations, with individual tickets and previous registration, we return to the good ol’ system of full festival tickets! From Tuesday April 26 #eufònics2022 pardalet matiner (1rst release) full festival tickets are on sale at a reduced price (until May 25).

These subscriptions give access to all the concerts and payment activities of the festival (until full capacity): the concerts at the Església Nova, the audiovisual shows at the Sixto Mir Auditorium and the performances of the night stage. Other concerts and activities are FREE.

There are two types of subscriptions:

  • the one-day / one-night ticket (reduced price 25€, includes all activities on Friday 26 OR Saturday 27 August)
  • the two-days / two-nights pass (reduced price 45€, includes all activities on Friday 26 AND Saturday 27 August)

The opening concert on Thursday 25 August at the Església de la Santíssima Trinitat (La Ràpita) is not included in any of these passes. Tickets will be separately on sale soon.