Teleactions and metaverse

In this new normal in which we have become used to Zoom and broadcasts on YouTube and Twitch, Eufònic c 2020 wants to explore the creative capabilities of virtuality, going beyond being a mere form of transmission. This is the approach of teleactions, such as that of Ferran Fages and Carme Torrent, a work of dance and sound made from a unique space, which makes it a unique proposal that can only be seen by streaming (or, if you are near, on the second floor of the building, while the artists are in the basement), or Miguel Espada’s piece, “Post-mortem Rhapsody”, a kind of dream on the walls of abandoned farmhouses near the village, an inaccessible site that will also be streamed.

Eufònic presents “Sala sintètica / Synthetic room”, a virtual environment that will host the first foray into the metaverse world of Playmodes, one of the most renowned Catalan creative tandems, known for its immersive installations and performances. Built on the virtual world of Decentraland, an interactive 3D environment developed by a community of programmers, “Synthetic Room” was born with the aim of generating and presenting digital content that could not exist in any space other than a virtual platform.