Full line-up!

With the complicity of the institutions, collaborators and city councils involved in Eufònic, we think that Eufònic 2020 will be a turning point and a catalyst to make a community again and reunite us around the arts and culture in this new normal. Eufònic 2020 will be held with all the health guarantees, complying with all current safety regulations, extreme controls in all events, adapting them to reduced capacity and betting on the reservation of seats to make Eufònic 2020 a safe festival and a unique experience in the uncertain time we live.

This year we will host nearly 40 artists with installation proposals such as the essential cabosanroque or Marta Verde, performances that focus on the body and its relationship with space and sound such Ferran Fages and Carme Torrent, Aurora Bauzà and Pere Jou or Amaranta Velarde, performances that focus on the voice and the spoke word such as the cosmic conjunction of the poet Enric Casasses with Don Simon and Telefunken, the sophistication of Magalí Sare or the magnetic Lu Rois, the deconstruction of folk by Tarta Relena, Cruhda or Odina, experimentation, avant-garde electronic music and sound research with proposals such as Lume, Zoon van Snook, Auver Less or the seminal sound artist Vacca and installations in interactive 3D environments with the premiere of Playmodes in the metavers. There will also be room for more expansive unclassifiable electronic pop proposals such as Dewinter, Algora or Egosex.

Eufònic 2020 continues to bet on education and formative activities with various workshops related to musical and sound creation with the landscape and nature, such Ilaria Sartori and Eloisa Matheu, and gives new impetus to the professional day that will have a large presence of international benchmarks thanks to hybrid formats, combining virtual meetings with face-to-face activities, with the presence of festival programmers and art centres such as IMAL ( Belgium), ZKM (Germany), Submerge (United kingdom), Elektra (Canada), Gamma (Russia) and TodaysArt (Netherland), among others.