Changes in the program: Shows in streaming

We have been working with the possibility that Eufònic Urbà 2021 could be face-to-face and with limited capacity, but in the end it could not be possible due to the current limitations for art and museums that affect Arts Santa Mònica.

The artistic installations do not undergo any changes, and new pieces are added: the works of Tomanaga Tokuyama, Lina Bautista, Anaisa Alonso and Lot Amorós can be visited from February 4 to 28, with free admission and capacity control, at regular hours by Arts Santa Mònica. The new proposals will also be presented in the Synthetic Room in Decentraland, with Marta Verde and Anna Carreras. The piece by cabosanroque “Sous les violones, la plage” will occupy the cloister of the center from February 11 to 14, and on the same dates the site-specific piece by Alfredo Costa Monteiro, “En-lloc”.

The musical performances and sound actions are transferred to the online format, and you can follow them openly on our YouTube channel and on the web. Ro-e’s performance and Pere Jou i Aurora Bauzà’s performance are suspended.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience!