Eufònic STNBL 2022 open call

Eufònic invites Catalan artists to present creations already developed that will be shown at the eleventh edition of the festival, August 2022

Since 2012, more than 400 artists have been during the 10 editions of the festival in Terres de l’Ebre. 224 audiovisual and/or musical performances, 62 art installations, 32 sound and visual actions, 34 workshops and 67 speakers in our professional activities have been presented, all spread over more than 35 spaces in 10 villages of the area.

With this multidisciplinary work behind it, Eufònic retakes the line started in 2021, an open call aimed at Catalan artists only, Eufònic STNBL: facing sustainability, not only in terms of relations between societies and the environment but as a process that also affects artistic creation and its profitability, we are committed to giving new life to small/medium format works and creations already developed that have not been seen much, either because they were created in a certain context or because they could not tour too much for any reason. All of them, works that do not suppose further creative investment than the one already made at the start and that can be shown again in a new environment and context.

There are three different modalities:

  • existing innovative art installations, easy to adapt to non-museum environments and unique spaces, as well as tools and processes around digital research and interaction with the environment (MODALITY F)
  • music and sound proposals with an important digital research point of view and experimentation, as well as sound actions that are not easy to classify (MODALITY N)
  • digital-performative works and y more complex creations, already produced, that do not require further development, as well as body, sound and movement shows, which have been seen in recent years and which, for whatever reason, have had a short life (MODALITY C)

The deadline to submit applications to the Eufònic STNBL call is March 30, 2022.