Call for artists in residence Eufònic / Lo Pati 2018

The Eufònic 2018 artists-in-residence offer, called by Eufònic and Lo Pati – Art Centre is aimed at experimental music and video, visual and sound arts projects related to the landscapes and soundscape of the Ebre Delta. This call is aimed at creative artists resident in any European Union country. The objective is to offer the artists suitable conditions of space and to promote their work as well as offering the experience of the natural surroundings of the Ebre Delta. The results of their research project will be shown within the Eufònic event from August 30th to September 2nd 2018 in Sant Carles de la Ràpita, Amposta and other towns and natural areas within Terres de l’Ebre.

Laboratory of ideas and development of artistic projects that fosters dialogue and interaction between natural space and creativity, this seventh open-call reviews some of the objectives of previous editions, to give opportunity to artists working in the field of sound or visual actions in public areas, both urban or natural spaces.

Throughout the previous editions we hosted artists like: Atilio Doreste, Edith Alonso and Antony Maubert, Ensemble Topogràfic, Ferran Lega, Jordi Espuny, Lina Bautista and Laura Llaneli, Lukas Adolphi, Marcel Pié & Estampa, Neil Harbisson and Moon Ribas, Nikka, Rubén Patiño, Ryan Rivadeneyra, Tana Garrido and Julia Martos, Tonje Alice Madsen and Camilla Vatne Barrat-Due, Valeria Muledda.

You can download regulations here. Deadline is May 19th.