Eufònic 2020 will be celebrated at the end of August!

Eufònic 2020 has stuck to its usual dates, and will be celebrated from the 27th to the 30th of August in the Terres de l’Ebre, adapted to our new reality and future limitations, consolidating some of the festival’s lines of work to discover and extract some positive aspects from the inescapable paradigm shift brought about by the the global pandemic.

The festival of sonic, visual and digital performing art of the Terres de l’Ebre continues to focus on risk, experimentation, dialogue between disciplines, and the natural environment of the Ebre delta. Eufònic has always been known for its mutant form, both in terms of its content and the spaces it inhabits. However this new reality has led us to really reconsider our approach, to look again and reevaluate our programme, without forgetting the factors of surprise and constant reinvention which we’re known for. We believe this will be evident in this edition in an exemplary form!

With the support of the institutions, collaborators and local authorities involved in Eufònic 2020, we think that the festival will be a wake-up call and a catalyst to rejuvenate the bonds of community, and to reunite around the arts and culture.

Now more than ever, Eufònic will be a festival engaged with our environment and surroundings, promoting small-scale projects and throwing the spotlight onto local artists, amplifying artistic interventions and installations. We will be incorporating remote actions in secret and remote spaces which the audience cannot access, as a means of developing more sustainable and respectful activities within which music can be enjoyed outdoors, through which the digital performing arts can have a part in all the various aspects of the festival programme. For obvious reasons, the nightly programme at the Pabellón Ferial will not return this year, but we will be incorporating new spaces, both natural and urban.

Likewise, the professional aspect of the event will be expanded in a renewed and more inclusive Eufònic Pro, which will combine flexible timetables and a hybrid format including both live and virtual events, in order to strengthen the connection and exchange of knowledge between more than 30 professionals, international cultural managers and Catalan artists.