Eufònic Campus: formative activities in La Ràpita and Amposta

Eufònic Campus, the activities of Eufònic in collaboration with the SGAE Foundation, will consist of four participatory activities and workshops, in an effort to bring knowledge and new practices to various types of public, both beginners and professionals, adults and children.

In El Maset Espai Jove de La Ràpita there will be three workshops: the poetic and political workshop of the voice and autotune by Jaume Ferrete, in which we will learn to identify hidden aspects of the voices with which all kinds of devices already talk to us and even to use them in unsuspected ways. Eli Gras a multidisciplinary artist, composer, multi-instrumentalist and founder of the Barcelona underground label La Olla Expréss, will visit Eufònic twice: with the project “Esmolets” (or how to make music sharpening knives) and one of her already famous workshops of DIY electronics and recovery of objects in disuse. And Susana Medina will propose the workshop “How to create your own cryptowallet”, for people not initiated in the world of NFTs who want to know what is a blockchain and what artists are doing right now.

And for the little ones, at the Centre d’Art Lo Pati in Amposta, the sound and visual artist from Burgos, Sarah Rasines, will lead a self-publishing workshop of cassette tapes and of metalliterary and sound experimentation for children who do not yet know that they are musicians. To do this, she will use as raw material the sound findings from domestic utensils of the Korean-Japanese artist Ryoko Akama, from whom we’ll see the artistic installation “Not A Matter But It Really Matters” also in Lo Pati until September 11.