Eufònic Urbà 2021: February 4-6 at Arts Santa Mònica

Eufònic Urbà reaches its eighth edition in 2021, presenting its dialogue between the sound, visual and digital-performative arts in various venues at the Arts Santa Mònica centre in Barcelona. The urban extension of the Terres de L’Ebre festival will celebrate, from February 4 to 6, a dozen performances and interventions, in addition to inaugurating the artistic installations, which can be visited until February 28.

Full program will be revealed at the beginning of the year, but some prominent names can already be advanced, such as multimedia creator Tomonaga Tokuyama, who will present an audiovisual installation based, like all his work, on computer programming. The Japanese artist, living in Paris, understands “architecture as hardware and installation as software” when interacting with space and with the public’s senses. In Barcelona and curated by Arnau Horta, he will create a work belonging to his f () series, where, using sound-reactive light tubes, he generates an invisible energy flow, creating waves of sound as air molecules collide, representing thus an extremely minimalist model of how human beings perceive the universe. In addition to his own creations, Tokuyama has developed architectural design tools for architects such as Kengo Kuma and Junya Ishigami, and is also a regular contributor to the renowned electronic composer and visual artist Ryoji Ikeda, participating in works such as supercodex, test pattern, the radar or cyclo, joint project with the German Carsten Nicolai / Alva Noto.

Eufònic Urbà will also present new works by the electronic singer-songwriter Ro.e, a Basque artist living in Sweden, in which it will be her first performance in the Catalan capital; and the sound art experimenter Lina Bautista, with the artistic installation Kilobots, which arose from the work developed with code technology as part of the Scholarship in the Interaction Lab at Hangar Centre de Producció i Recerca d’Arts Visuals.

As usual, a selection of the best performances and experimental proposals of the mother festival that takes place at the end of each summer will also be presented. This year the urban extension will recontextualize proposals such as the dance and sound show by the dancer Carme Torrent with the sound experimenter Ferran Fages; Galician folklore revisited by Lume; the film-concert piece by David Aguilar and Ánder Fernández, created in a residence in Balada in collaboration with the Lo Pati Art Center; or the dialogued-performance of Ilaria Sartori and Eloisa Matheu, responsible for two participatory activities in August carried out in the middle of the Ebre river Delta.

All activities are free entrance and there’s a limited capacity.