Sound experimentation in Eufònic Urbà 2020

Eufònic Urbà reinforces the experimental musical component already present, in a natural way, in Eufònic Terres de l’Ebre, especially those proposals that are presented at the Mercat Vell of Sant Carles de la Ràpita, one of our favourite venues of the festival, without scenic or stylistic limits.

Experimental music that push contemporary sound creation are found in different proposals, in different bets that complement each other: drone and extreme digitalism from circuit bending and self-made instruments (Balfa, with an awesome brand new album just released), unsettling ambient (Madrid’s Clara Brea, a piece created in artistic residence in the Delta), digital manipulation and vocal subtlety (the young German artist dvdv, one of our most delicate bets), deconstructed algorithmic techno (the inventor of Sonic Pi, the British Sam Aaron), noise and sound cathedralism soaked in feedback (Amposta artist William Luke Valerio) and glitch abstraction woven from hybrid instruments (French artist NSDOS, an unclassifiable proposal and one of the new names at this year’s Eufònic Urbà).

Many of them integrate the visual aspect in an implied way, either from the creation of the proposals (Clara Brea, or inseparable from the commands that are being projected, with Sam Aaron) or in a totally inherent way and in the form of total art for what it encompasses (NSDOS, where movement, visual and sound are indecipherable from each other). A sound odyssey that will reverberate the former convent, as the austere original inhabitants of the building: pure sound experimentation, without ornamentation.