Sons de la Memòria: Podcasts

During 2019 and 2020, the Born CCM in Barcelona was held, by Eufònic and curated by Arnau Horta, Sons de la Memòria series, a framework for the presentation of live performances, sound installations and other hybrid formats that explore the question of memory and its malleable nature through music. The cycle opened with a talk by Simon Reynolds who also inaugurated the collection of podcasts that have accompanied each of the Sons de la Memòria sessions, with Janek Schaefer and Philip Jeck, Pye Corner Audio and the creator of the Ghost Box label, Julian House, who starred in the second of the podcasts, and Shiva Feshareki and Barbara Held. Shiva Feshareki in dialogue with Arnau Horta, who also hosts the rest of podcasts, closes this series of sound documents that completed by Sons de la Memòria and that you can listen to on your favorite podcast platform (here are the Spotify links).

Acte 1 Sons de la Memòria with Simon Reynolds

Acte 2 Sons de la Memòria with Julian House

Acte 3 Sons de la Memòria with Shiva Feshareki