Instal·lacions Eufònic Urbà 2021: Confrontació amb l’art i el so

The dialogue between the sound, visual and digital-performative arts makes up the unusual proposal of Eufònic Urbà, which reaches its eighth edition, consolidating itself in the Arts Santa Mónica. There he will present a dozen performances and interventions, between February 4 and 6, as well as a series of artistic installations that can be visited until February 28. All with free entry in various spaces of the artistic center.

In the installations section we find “Sous les violons la plage”, with which the unclassifiable duet cabosanroque invites the collective destruction of a string quartet as an act of rebellion against the classical paradigm; “Love Synthesizer”, an orchestra that reacts to human contact, the result of the collaboration between the Brazilian Anaisa Franco and the Valencian Lot Amorós; “Kilobots”, emerged from the work with code technology developed in Hangar by the sound art experimenter Lina Bautista; or, of course, the reactive light tubes of the Japanese multimedia creator Tomonaga Tokuyama, a regular collaborator of Ryoji Ikeda, who in the artistic series “f ()” intertwines visual and sound art with computer programming.