Mouawad and Laurier, winners of the 2022 Pierre Schaeffer Grant

Created in 2005 by LaScam, the french Société civile des auteurs multimédia manages the rights of 49,000 members exploring different fields of creation: audiovisual and sound documentaries, photography, drawing, journalism, writing, translation, video, writing and emerging forms, the Brouillon d’un rêve Pierre Schaeffer grant is a financial grant to carry out a digital creation project in connection with a research organisation (higher education, research laboratory, company, museum, etc.). This year, LaScam, in partnership with the Eufònic Festival (Catalonia, Spain) decided to give new impetus to the grant. From now on, in addition to the €5,000 award paid by LaScam, the winning project will be presented by the author at the summer edition of the festival, from August 25th to 28th 2022 in La Ràpita and other villages in Terres de l’Ebre area.

The jury, composed of Gilles Coudert, Pascal Goblot, Laëtitia Moreau and Vicent Fibla, chose the project “Rising”, by Maya Mouawad and Cyril Laurier, carried out in collaboration with the University of La Rochelle. The project is a light and sound installation inspired by our concerns about climate change. It aims to carry the viewers on an oniric journey with hypnotic and immersive water light reflections as a symbol of sea level rise. We want to raise awareness and break the taboo of the future that lies ahead, pushing fear aside and using beauty to become more resilient.

  • Maya Mouawad is an environmental artist. The aim of her work is to question the place of machines in our modern world: how can these machines affect human behaviour, how can they change the way we perceive ourselves in relation to nature? Her installations often involve the use of new technologies, generative light systems. She has created her own generative light control software.
  • Cyril Laurier is a music composer. He has researched ways to detect emotions in music using machine learning and has published his work in journals, books and conferences. He now applies his knowledge of artificial intelligence to art installations, making sentient machines that question our relationship with technology and nature.