Primer avance de artistas de Eufònic 2020

As always, we will celebrate the end of the summer with an explosion of music, art and creativity – here’s a small preview of the 40 artists who will make up the programme of Eufònic 2020!

From the installation en the Centre d’Art Lo Pati by cabosanroque – one of the most important experimental projects in the country –  to the cosmic conjunction of poetry and pop from Enric Casasses, Don Simon and Telefunken, passing by the delicate piano of Zoon van Snook, newcomers Tarta Relena exploring the sounds of vocal harmonies, the magnificent Magalí Sare and her folk deconstructions, Aurora Bauzà and Pere Jou’s performance investigating the relation between the body and voice, and the Trap competition for teenagers ‘Trap Kids’ led by the maestro Guillamino

Here is the first preview of the forty-plus artists who will be present at Eufònic 2020:

AURORA BAUZÀ and PERE JOU present their performance “I am (t)here”, a dramatic and musical work which investigates the relation between the body and voice.

ENRIC CASASSES, DON SIMON and TELEFUNKEN present “Orbiten” – a union of the poetry of Casasses with the stellar and dreamlike rhythms of Don Simon and Telefunken, resulting in an electrifying combination of poetry and pop.

MAGALÍ SARE and SEBASTIÀ GRIS present “A boy and a girl”  – a  work formed from the juxtaposition of songs of very different origins, such as Mallorcan folk traditions and classical chamber music, enveloped in evocative electronic soundscapes.

TARTA RELENA are one of the groups with the most impact on the catalan scene – with their performance which involves two singers making an acapella exploration of the sounds and resonances of different styles of vocal music.

ZOON VAN SNOOK is a composer and producer from Bristol, now based in Barcelona, who uses a combination of found sound, field recordings, guitar, keyboards, and various electronic instruments to produce introspective pianism.

CABOSANROQUE present their installation “Sous les violons, la plage!” en el Centre d’Art Lo Pati in Amposta – an interactive work which involves the collective destruction of a Hayden quartet suspended from the ceiling.

TRAP KIDS is a project promoted and presented by musician Guillamino – a competition for young Trap musicians which takes place via Instagram, before a grand final live in front of an audience at Eufónic.

Plus the artists selected for the artistic residencies organised together with the Centre d’Art Lo Pati this year: DAVID AGUILAR + ANDER FERNÁNDEZ, ELSA PARICIO and NUNO VICENTE.