Eufònic 2022 program closed – And night dancing is back!

Hell yes! After two editions with restrictions for obvious reasons, we will regain the pre pandemic glow! The two festival nights will return to the stage of the Pavelló Firal de La Ràpita with live and DJ sets focused on dancey electronics.

The English producer Throwing Snow will present his latest album, “Dragons”, combining science, ancestral wisdom and deep beats. On Friday night, the high-voltage dark techno of Venezuelan DJ Verushka Sirit will close the Pavelló Firal. And on Saturday, the Anglo-Indian DJ Suchi combining trance, electro and Delhi’s disco music.

In addition, the night stage is joined by the performance of Bouza, alias of Ismael el Bouzakaoui Ahjiri, from Carabanchel, one of the voices with most potential of trap and drill emerged from the urban peripheries of the State. And DJ Raul Naro will be the master of ceremonies both nights, serving house and slow techno beats.

A/V show with piano and generative projections

The pianist, electronic composer and sound designer Hara Alonso will present the album “Somatic Suspension” along with the visuals of the video artist Alba G. Corral. Minimal electronics and electroacoustic piano on a journey from stillness to ecstasy.

More unorthodox performances

The Mercat Vell of La Ràpita will host performances with a marked performative character. Adelaida will offer a performance, with looper and portable, that invites us to travel through spaces of introspection and infinite layers of voices with touches of electronics; Robert Cervera will present an AV performance with instruments made with tubes that are normally used in computer refrigeration systems; and Jaume Ferrete will bring “Somos los Conguitos”, a cabaret-ish performance on colonialism from popular texts.

3D sound at Ulldecona’s Castle

Conceived in Basel (Switzerland) by sound artist Fabrizio Di Salvo & reConvert, formed by Roberto Maqueda and Víctor Barceló, “(ex)tension” is a sound installation with 48 solenoid motors controlled by two percussionists. Technology as an extension of the human organism.

Flamenco and avant-garde in Tortosa

The Pati dels Llimoners of the Museum of Tortosa will host Arbol & Perrate, the new project of the singer Tomás de Perrate and the musician and composer Miguel Marín aka Arbol. An electronic and vocal live show in which they create imaginary soundtracks from flamenco and experimentation. 

Closing the professional days of this year, the Art School of Tortosa will host the vermouth performance of one of the names with more projection of the national scene, Flamenco Queer, which explores the most ‘jondos’ styles of flamenco dance, singing and guitar through a contemporary narrative with elements of performance, drag and queer.

Nature, poetry and experimental electronics

The landscape of Terres de l’Ebre is one of the cornerstones of the festival. The Saturday morning program will include three stops in unique spaces: it will begin with a lute ride along the river by British artist Olivia Furber, it will continue with Irena Visa in the Ribera Forest and will end with the dance performance of Magí Serra, before the classic vermouth in the Ullals of Baltasar where the always eclectic and hypnotic DJ Troya Modet will open the electronic pop show of Rocío Saiz under the shade of the eucalyptus.

Poetry and experimentation also have more space this year: to the proposals with poetry already announced (Ölivia Musykin Miravet), b1n0 + Maria Sevilla joins the program: an union of electronic music and contemporary Catalan poetry, which will be seen at the Pati dels Til·lers of Roquetes on the first day of the festival. The fusion of styles will take shape with the performance of the artist and engineer Santiago Latorre and his sensors of movement in the Església Nova; and, erasing the borders between styles, the queer and electronic neoflamenco of Alvaro Sola in the Hermitage of Ulldecona.

Are y’all convinced yet?