Open-call for artists in residence selected projects

Despite the uncertainty generated by the Covid-19 pandemic, culture does not stop. The jury of the Eufònic / Lo Pati Art Centre 2020 open call , composed by Aida Boix, director of Lo Pati; Arnau Horta and Alba G. Corral, curators, and Vicent Fibla, festival director, have chosen the three projects that will take place throughout the summer in the artists’ residence that Lo Pati has in Balada, in the very heart of the Ebro delta.

The selected works are El ornitólogo amateur, by Nuno Vicente (Chartres, 1981), a project inspired by the Gay Theory of James Lovelock, who considers the planet as a living organism, where everything is connected, a theory that with climate change wins even more weight; Cartografía de un rayo, by David Aguilar (Iruña, 1979) and Ander Fernández (Donostia, 1981), who will carry out a sound and visual exploration in the form of a diary, visiting the places where the rays of the Glòria storm fell. And finally, Tiempo del Ebro by Elsa Paricio (Madrid, 1985), a series of self-portraits made by the landscape itself, from glass containers containing water and ink. Time and heat evaporate the water and print some kind of spectrogram on the container. The results of these works inspired by the landscape of the delta and directly connected to the storm and the fragility of a space in receding and regression for decades, will be presented within the framework of the ninth edition of Eufònic, from August 27 to 30, 2020.