Synthetic room: a 3D virtual environment

In the last Eufònic edition we launched a new space, Sala Sintètica / Synthetic Room, a virtual environment built on the Decentraland platform that was born with the intention of hosting 3D proposals that could not be seen anywhere else other than a virtual space. Following the premiere of renowned artists Playmodes in the virtual environment with “Beyond” in August 2020, Eufònic Urbà presents a new and remodeled “building”, two pavilions that house “Memories reloaded” by Marta Verde and Anna Carreras‘ “Franja” and a cozy sunbeds area (considering bars are closed, of course!) where you can watch our streamings. A space that allows you to walk from the sofa at home, in lockdown or not, without time limitations or physical boundaries. If the whole world is going to fall down, they will survive.

Last Eufònic 2020 we invited Marta Verde, one of the most renowned digital and visual creators in the country, to “occupy” the church of Ulldecona Castle with a site-specific piece that materialized the imperceptible fact and the hidden internal memory of the space. Created and mapped on the cracked wall of the chapel, which accumulates the marks of time, it swung between the blue and white tones, revealing the invisible fact and listening to the inaudible fact, coming to life and in dialogue with the soundtrack created by the artists herself from field recordings around the castle. Now, “Memories reloaded”, far from recreating the rectangular floor with barrel vault of the chapel, “takes out” the wall of Ulldecona church and moves it to the ground floor of our Synthetic Room.

Anna Carreras, digital artist and creative coder, debuts at Eufònic with “Franja”, a collection of several pieces which build complex systems that grow and evolve, inspired by their own imaginaries and personal landscapes of the Matarranya area: they draw and talk about trees, vine shoots, argelagues, stubble and grandmothers crocheting or playing cards, collecting in each pixel and iteration the ingredients, aromas and essences of the environment. Constructing, in machine language, a fascinating journey from soil to code.