(Català) Shoeg i Lloret Salvatge en residència a Oudeis gràcies a Eufònic

Oudeis, laboratory of digital and electronic arts of Le Vigan (region of Occitane, France), initiates the program “En chantier” that gathers exhibitions, concerts, actions, work processes and artistic residencies. “En chantier” means to be on the road, in construction, in action, in the process of complexity, all at once. A proposal that aims to rethink and challenge the practices and routines of creation, the effects of language and put them back in danger. In any case, a program full of surprises with which Eufònic collaborates, with the support of Institut Ramon Llull, proposing two Catalan artists who will be in residence from November 18th to 24th: Girona artist Lloret Salvaje and Tortosa artist Shoeg. The two artists will present the results of their explorations in a sound performance on Friday, November 24th at Théâtre Albarède at Ganges.

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