“Tonalitats afectives”. Exhibition from Feb 1 to 29 2020

In this 7th edition of Eufònic Urbà at Arts Santa Mònica in Barcelona, ​​the exhibition proposal expands by occupying an entire floor of the centre for a whole month. Free entrance!

Exhibition. From February 1st to 29th 2020

Kathy Hinde
Marc Vilanova
Michael Montanaro & Navid Navab
Óscar de la Fuente
Raquel Meyers
Sofia Crespo

“Tonalitats afectives” (Affective tones) emphasizes the visions of six artists who are connected to the liquid gesture, the indeterminate process and the involuntarely creative will as tools and processes of consideration. Changes in subject matter, algorithmic creations and neobiological worlds that evolve into intimate processes to speak about global effects and concerns, which are listened or whishpered to the visitors, between causality and onirism, the memory of space and context, the objectivity and physicality, where the human presence dilutes into the responsibility of being the cause or its effect.

There are installations that listen to the audience, transmiting their voices through processes that elude matter subjects (Navid Navab & Michael Montanaro, through water and voice, “Aquaphoneia”) and installations calling the audience in order to arouse the awareness of the inexorable climate change (Kathy Hinde, through water and sound, “Phase Transition”); works born in the nature that require careful and direct listening (the intimacy and proximity of “Piedras del camino” by Óscar de la Fuente) or a dedicated and transformed view, where neobiological structures are altered by artificial mechanisms (Sofia Crespo “Artificial Remains” and “Neural Zoo”); installation proposals that link the algorithm creative act and the determination – digital, analog or between both of them-, where artificial intelligence is creating for us, from acquired knowledge (Marc Vilanova “Aresta”, composed by eight saxophones) or machines propose harmless-looking games speaking about the future (Raquel Meyers, “Thread of Fate” and “Myopia for the Future”).