All the program of Eufònic 2019!

Eufònic, the sound, visual and digital arts festivals of Terres de l’Ebre, arrives at its eighth edition from September 5 to 8 with a broad look at the artistic possibilities of digital tools and emphasizing the crossing of languages ​​both in concerts and sound actions and artistic installations, focusing on the exploration and sound experimentation with audiovisual performances and concerts, artistic residences and the novelty of incorporating a regular venue for audiovisual shows and performances that break the scenic bidimensionality.

Sant Carles de la Ràpita is the main village of the musical hatching of the festival, and a week before -from August 29 to September 1-, Pòrtic Eufònic will be celebrated with the inauguration of the artistic installations – one of the main bets of the festival , with renowned international artists such as Michele Spanghero, Roc Jiménez de Cisneros and Kathy Hinde- in Amposta, Tortosa and Ulldecona, culminating in a concert by Los Sara Fontán in the impressive Miravet castle.

Internationally renowned artists such as William Basinski, Pye Corner Audio, Alex Augier, Push 1 Stop & Wiklow or emerging as the British rapper Lady Lykez or the German digitalist dvdv will present their work at Eufònic 2019; local proposals out of any norm such as “A vore” by Sònia Gómez & Astrio or El Petit de Cal Eril, La Estrella de David, Agost, Aalbers, Hijos del Trueno and Gambardella; electronic feminine code by Nara is Neus, Yamila, Ylia and Los Sara Fontán; and the newest of urban sounds with really young artists like Rojuu, Kyne or Romantic Kitano.