The work of digital artist and creative coder Anna Carreras focuses on the use of generative algorithms and interactive technology as experience generators, rethinking them through art. She has exhibited and participated in events such as Llum Barcelona, Cosmocaixa, Fòrum Barcelona, Sónar, Women Fueling Science and Technology in San Francisco, MIRA, Mobile Art Week and Medialab Prado, among others.

In Eufònic Urbà she presents “Franja”, a set of several pieces which build complex systems that grow and evolve, inspired by their own imaginaries and personal landscapes of the Matarranya area: they draw and talk about trees, vine shoots, argelagues, stubble and grandmothers crocheting or playing cards, collecting in each pixel and iteration the ingredients, aromas and essences of the environment. Constructing, in machine language, a fascinating journey from soil to code.