Eufònic is a four-day festival around the sound and visual arts that takes place in Sant Carles de la Ràpita and, from mid-August to mid-September, it expands with artistic installations to various spaces of Ebre river land: Amposta, Miravet, Tortosa, Ulldecona and Vinaròs villages. Eufonic are exceptional arts in its broadest sense: audiovisual performances, workshops, installations in museums, sound actions, kid-friendly activities and concerts in unique spaces.

The uniqueness of the landscape of the Terres de l’Ebre area in general and the Ebre river Delta in particular is the vertebral and differential element of the festival, making Eufònic a sound and visual experience anchored in the landscape. The seventh edition will took place from August 30th to September 2nd, 2018, and the artistic installations will opened from August 23rd on. The festival combines free entry activities (Mercat Vell, Ullals de Baltasar, some workshops and family activities) with admission ones (intimate Església Nova venue, night venue, Sixto Mir Auditorium or the closing paella party in the middle of the sea).

The fifth edition of Eufònic Urbà, the urban extension of the festival in Barcelona, was held at Arts Santa Mònica art center 2-3 February 2018, presenting some of the A/V performances and experimental works that were created in the september edition.


Is there an admission fee?

Eufònic includes many free activities (live music and vermouth in natural areas, sound walks, Mercat Vell concerts and performances, and other activities), but some venues have admission fee.

Final customer price. All ticket prices and tickets include online sales platform commission.

Església Nova:

  • 6€ show

Pavelló Firal:

  • one night ticket, in advance: 12€
  • one night ticket, ticket window: 14€
  • two nights pass, in advance: 18€

Ticket window sales will be cash only. Credit card payments will not be accepted.

youFonic / Lo Sindicat: free entrance

Sixto Mir Auditorium: 5€ (opening night)

Xiringuito de la Costa:

  • general: 33€
  • minors (-14 yo): 16€

Includes boat roundtrip, vermouth, music performances and paella. Ticket available only in advance through our site.

Children up to 3 years old will have free access as long as they do not occupy a seat in the Xiringuito de la Costa or in the boat.

When and where can I buy the tickets

Online at web.

Available until 2 hours prior to the show.

In which shows do I have to pay

In the shows where audience is seated (Sixto Mir Auditorium, Església Nova, Xiringuito de Costa), the entry is per seat and not by age, so children up to 3 years old can have free access as long as they do not occupy a seat. But please have in mind which kind of proposal are you attending to. There are free activities that require prior registration, as indicated in each event.

How do I show you the tickets

Tickets can be presented printed on paper or digitally (on mobile). They will be validated digitally and in queue order. The tickets are not numbered, except for the inauguration at the Sixto Mir Auditorium.

What if I am late

In Església Nova and Sixto Mir Auditorium it will not be possible to access the venue once the doors are closed.

What can I do if I lose my ticket

No problemo. Check the “help” section at entradium.

My dog wants to come with me

They often ask us questions of this kind. We recommend that, just for once, you leave your favorite pet at home. Animals are not accepted at Església Nova, Pavelló Firal, Mercat Vell, Lo Sindicat, Xiringuito de la Costa, Sixto Mir Auditorium and Sebastià Juan Arbó library. But of course you can take him/her to the sound walks, Ullals de Baltasar vermouth and other outdoor activities where animals are welcome. To visit the artistic installations, you better think if he / she really will enjoy it. And if you have a canary, a crocodile or a rabbit (we have seen some walking around town), please think about it for a minute: is this the right time? 😉

General terms and conditions

  • The organisation is not responsible for possible changes in the performances programme.
  • Tickets are neither exchangeable nor refundable.
  • Right of admission is reserved.
  • The organisation does not guarantee in any case the authenticity of the ticket if it has not been bought from authorised channels. Otherwise, it could be a fraud or false ticket. Any damaged ticket or suspected of counterfeit will allow the organisation to refuse your access to the festival.
  • The holder of the ticket accepts to appear in images and videos filmed at the venues of Eufònic festival for its later informative and promotional diffusion of the event and authorises the organisation to use this material.
  • All image and intellectual property rights are reserved.


Vicent Fibla
Festival director

Alba G. Corral
Alicia Álvarez Vaquero
Antònia Folguera
Arnau Horta
Oskar Fernández
Sílvia Grumaches

Sílvia Grumaches

Xènia Gaya

Maria Barrios
Chief in technical production

Jordi Brunet
Logistics and urban infraestructures

Olga Fibla

Ginebra Codina

Xavi Pujol
Identity and graphic design

Web development



Press contact
Roser Royo
Sílvia Grumaches

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