Eufònic is the festival around the sound, visual and digital-performative arts that is held in Terres de l’Ebre, 200 km south of Barcelona, ​​with La Ràpita as the main town and that expands itself with artistic installations to various villages of Ebre river lands such Amposta and Tortosa villages among others. Our professional meeting, Eufònic Pro, includes presentations, panels and speed meetings with national and international speakers.
Combining free access activities with admission events, Eufònic are exceptional arts in its broadest sense: audiovisual performances, workshops, installations in museums, sound actions, professional activities, kid-friendly proposals and concerts in unique spaces. The uniqueness of the landscape of the Terres de l’Ebre area in general and the Ebre river Delta in particular is the vertebral and differential element of the festival, making Eufònic a sound and visual experience anchored in the landscape.
The eleventh edition of the festival in Terres de l’Ebre will be held from August 25 to 28, 2022.



Vicent Fibla
Festival director

Alba G. Corral
Antònia Folguera
Arnau Horta
Marta Oliveres
Oskar Fernández

Tere Vallbona
Press (national)

Roser Royo
Press (Terres de l’Ebre)

Toni L. Querol

Olga Fibla

David Dorado
Chief in technical production

Josep Lanau
Production assistant

Ginebra Codina
Coordination, hosting

Xènia Gaya
Eufònic Pro coordination

Rubí Mónaco
Eufònic Pro production

Karine Nkono, Sanna Toivanen
Production assistants

Jaume Vidal
Eufònic Campus

Gerardo Diego García, Dani Cantó, Priscila Alegre
Photographers & video

Xavi Pujol
Identity and graphic design

Web development



Press contact
Roser Royo
Tere Vallbona