In these years of climate alarm, we have taken a new look at the non-human agents with whom we share the planet: plants, fungi, bacteria, mosses, cephalopods, cetaceans and insects. Many non-human communities. The ecofeminist thinking has gained popularity, that of scientists such as the biologist Linn Margulies, a leading advocate that biological evolution has nothing to do with competition, but with collaboration, or thinkers such as Donna Haraway, who has investigated relationships with technological non-humans and natural non-humans. Today, these theories inspire exhibitions, books, films and artistic works of all kinds.

In this session we will delve into interspecies relationships with Maria Ptqk, curator of the exhibition «Science Friction», and with Clara Boj and Diego Díaz we will discover the project they are carrying out in the Mar Menor, in order to rethink our relationship with nature and ecological balance and anthropocentrism.