OPEN WINDOW was born with the aim of “letting the air flow” between Eufònic and invited territories with a common topic: hybrid arts. On this occasion, the models of management and mentoring of artists in peripheral areas, the dramaturgical transformation of hybrid artistic projects and how to continue to produce work in the era of the live stream will be put on the table.


Maternity and proximity using MINECRAFT as a dramaturgical and co-creation tool with young experts from MINE: Maiko Yamamoto, co-artistic director of Theater de Remplacement

Creative Management: designing and programing the presentation of the DLD artists in a rural environment so as not to lose the “live” qualities parameter and turn it into a personal and private experience: CARAVANE SOLOS by DLD. Idea of Marie-Andrée Gougeon

LA SERRE: adapting the OFFTA festival to COVID and presenting the phone project by NATE



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