OPEN WINDOW was born with the aim of “letting the air flow” between Eufònic and invited territories with a common topic: hybrid arts. On this occasion, the models of management and mentoring of artists in peripheral areas, the dramaturgical transformation of hybrid artistic projects and how to continue to produce work in the era of the live-stream will be put on the table.

Moderated by Marta Oliveres

Transformation of dramaturgy and creative models of hybrid arts management


Proximity and distance in choroegraphy, co-creation, shared dramaturgy, and the visibility of local creation and crafts without leaving behind the “live” characteristic: “RUMIAR”, by Quim Bigas

Architecture, interiors, looks, duet manipulation and revealed social dramaturgy: PROJECTE CASES, LES VEUS“, by Xesca Salvà

Transforming, disassembling, adapting and building an installation that pulsates like a live being: “EL SEXE DELS FONGS”, a collective creation of Silvia Delagneau, Max Glaenzel, Marc Salicrú and Lucas Ariel Vallejo


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