An immersion in the world of imaginary soundtracks starting from flamenco, electronics and experimentation with loops, samples and textures. This is the joint adventure of the Sevillian musician and composer Miguel Marín Pavón (Arbol) and the singer Perrate from Utrera. Marín Pavón has a long experience in music for dance and film, was part of the British indie band Piano Magic, wrote the soundtrack of “Son de Mar” (Bigas Luna, 2001) and with the project ARBOL has recorded 5 albums and has performed in festivals such as Sónar, OFFF, and Mecal. With a voice that sounds like a cave, Perrate combines avant-garde and tradition since 2005, being “Tres Golpes” (produced by Raül Refree and directed by Pedro G. Romero) his most recent work.

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