The admiration for the composer, singer and producer James Blake was the trigger of the musical union between Malcus Codolà and Emili Bosch. b1n0 is based on electronic experimentation, synthesizers and samples but also integrates everyday objects converted into instruments and the voices of singers they admire. If we have heard them before together with Ferran Palau, El Petit de Cal Eril, Tarta Relena or Marina Herlop, in Eufònic 2022 will be their meeting point with the poetry of Maria Sevilla Paris, from Badalona. Researcher and teacher of Catalan language and literature at the University of Barcelona, Sevilla has been awarded with the Bernat Vidal i Tomàs or the Miquel Àngel Riera prizes, she is the author of pieces of sound poetry and one of the programmers of Barcelona’s Horiginal.

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