After 10 long years hidden away in the hills, huddled in the Bolamachine, Bola is back with a new album, “D.E.G.”: a genuine melting pot of ideas, a roller-coaster ride around densely arranged pieces that twist and turn quite unpredictably, shot through with enough signature Bola traits that it still feels comfortingly familiar, even if not immediately so. Bola has released mythical albums, all of them on Skam label since 1998, and he has been a member of Gescom -alongside Russell Halswell and Autechre friends. His come back supposes a return that had to be celebrated to the strengt and shows that the talent does not understand of labels neither of fashions. Fitton will be playing for the first time in Spain, and on thi sspecial occasion he’ll be accompanied by portuguese visual artist Laetitia Morais: certainly, she will contribute with light and colour to the liquid sounds and complex at atmospheres of textures of the british.