“Alluvial Sharawadji” is a crowdsourced interactive artwork/workshop combining collaborative field recording with low-cost, ubiquitous web technologies to communicate the experience of a local sound environment to audiences who are distant in both time and space.
Drawing on Claude Shryer’s idea of ‘Sharawadji’ – the action of “tending an open ear in the hopes of experiencing the sublime beauty of a given sound in an unexpected context.” this work takes the Alluvial action of the Ebre river’s flow – transporting material through time and space to create new deposits and forms as a metaphor for the movement of participants through the festival soundscape, gathering and depositing elements of the sound-world for later experience by others.
We’ll invite participants to record sounds in the local area using a custom mobile app which stores and geolocates the resulting recordings. The recordings will automatically appear in a web experience which allows people from around the world to navigate around the Ebro Delta in Google Street View, discovering the sounds of the environment and the festival from a distance. The web experience uses binaural encoding to produce an immersive 360º sound mix using normal stereo headphones. This way, participants at the festival will be able to record their personal experience of the local soundscape, as well as producing a collaborative sonic document of the festival weekend.

Tim Cowlishaw is a creative technologist and researcher with interests in urbanism and the politics of public space and participatory approaches to sound art. He’s also the co-curator of More News From Nowhere, a London-based experimental music promotions collective, a technologist at BBC Research and Development, and performs improvised electronic music as Violence.

Jakub Fiala is a technologist and artist working with sound, procedural graphics and web technologies. Currently working at BBC R&D, Jakub is interested in machine learning, data-driven art and poetic computation. His technical work has appeared at Sonar Festival,  Nabi Art Centre Seoul, and PureGold Festival. He also records experimental folk music as Theydon Boys.

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