A dialectical and visceral clash between dance and music. Pianist and composer Carles Viarnès studied classical music at the Barcelona Music Conservatory and the Escolania de Montserrat and is a risky explorer of textures and improvisations, focused on interdisciplinary productions. Eufònic fans know him well: he has been to the festival both in an auditorium and playing the piano in a shack, and we invited him to work with the visual artist Alba G. Corral in one of the most famous inaugurations of the festival. He is now presenting a new piano and dance show with contemporary dancer Glòria Ros: accustomed to instant composition and understanding of the visual arts, she trained at the Institut del Teatre and the Cannes Jeune Ballet, she has worked with Introdans Ensemble voor de Jeugd and independent creators such as Arno Schuitemaker and Arthur Rosenfeld, and is currently part of the Liz Roche Company of Ireland. Together they take a step forward through the ruins of what remains of the Convent of Sant Francesc. Delicate and intimate textures and syncretic movements in a public space that we release for culture.

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