The soundtracks and ambient landscapes that CLARAGUILAR created in only 3 years for more than 20 theatrical projects in Barcelona presaged a dazzling debut. And so it was: “Mystery Is All” (Amēn Discos, 2021) was drenched with brooding melodies, orchestral samplers and a bunch of beats and synths intertwined in multiple melodies, gracefully oscillating between ambient, pop-chamber arrangements and techno. With classical and modern musical training and more than 7 years as keyboardist of the post-rock band Böira, CLARAGUILAR will present in Eufònic “Sounds Of An Imagined Arca”, an immersive concert with performance elements and a spectacular lighting design that revives the sonic universe created for the post-apocalyptic show ARCAS 2020, premiered at the Teatre Lliure.