One of the best groups of music made in Catalonia, El Petit de Cal Eril has not stopped growing with each one of his works, intimate masterpieces of expansive wave and direct emotion. We could not resist having them finally at the festival. If the accelerated expansion of the universe is not explained without the presence of a mysterious dark energy that nobody has ever been able to perceive, El Petit de Cal Eril had to join this hypothesis with a new record that crosses the cosmos to generate a force around it. Unstoppable gravitational “Energia fosca” (2019) enters into an intimate collision with the precedents “La força” (2016) and the celebrated “△” (2018), rounding – or even better, triangulating – a growth cycle forged tenaciously from the trench and in first person. High intensity folk psychedelia opening the night stage on the first day of the festival.