We will start Eufònic 2022 by opening wide the doors of the La Ràpita’s Church (People’s Mass) to the soundscape music, experimental but peculiarly accessible, of this duo formed by the Scottish twins Andy and Mike Truscott. Its sound is a delicate mix of wind instruments, synthesizers, percussion and field recordings, melting icy landscapes with the warmest arrangements. Their third album, “Landforms” (2019, Truant Recordings), propped them up as one of the best exponents of contemporary music, with one foot in electronics and the other in classical. Kinbrae have performed at festivals across the UK, including at BBC Radio 3’s After Dark Festival) and they have garnered rave reviews in German festivals specializing in ambient music such as Q3 Ambientfest (Potsdam) or Ambientfestival Zivilisation Der Liebe (Cologne). We can’t wait to share this summer night with you guys!