Myth of the independent Spanish scene, from which he has continually unchecked himself as the sniper he is, La Estrella de David is the solo project of David Rodríguez after the foundational Bach is Dead, the wonderful and avant la lettre Beef or the caleidoscopic Telefilme. His quality and mastery is indisputable and his third album, “Consegración”, is a work of instant worship. Pop pills, but also distortion, guitars, sense of humor and winks to the new urban scene. Disguised as a mature singer-songwriter who is back of everything he stripes emotionally in songs full of everyday dramas, neighborhood romanticism, melancholic portraits about lost loves, kick in the balls to the modern and imposture and nocturnal terminalism. In Eufònic he will act with his guitar alone because his songs, naked of the brilliance that the fantastic production of his album gives them, are equally devastating. He’s the fucking master.