Laia Arqueros, Larry Rodríguez, Mar Cianuro and Oliver Mancebo conform since 2017 La Forasteria, an artistic collective that it is, by definition, an intruder there where it goes. They approach all kinds of surroundings, spaces, lands, mythologies and gastronomies to return the learnings in the form of gastro-audible actions, of collective rituals that mix the popular wisdom of the landscape with the mysterious part of the specific nature of each land.

During his residence at Baladre, La Forasteria will approach the territory using the concept of invasive species; they will investigate the Ebro Delta, his development, his myths and local legends and the unseen histories behind the landscape through the narrative of the plague –so common in these lands– to elaborate at the end a zoological or/and cryptozoological transmedia catalogue. Histories of gambusines vs. siluros and sailor terrors of Krakens and Callinectes spaidus, mixed with interviews and recordings of the market’s daily life.