Ares Negrete is the thinking mind behind Nueve Desconocidos. Descended from a very musical family and great-grandson of the Mexican singer and actor Jorge Negrete, he cites Décima Víctima, My Bloody Valentine or Aleixter Crowley as spiritual references of his transmutation of post-punk sounds and cold wave electronics. Understandably he has allied with like-minded souls like El Último Vecino, Interrogación Amor or a group that swept through Eufònic 2021: VVV Trippin’ You. With his debut Nueve Desconocidos (Casa Maracas, 2021), and instant hymns such as “Llagas”, “Preguntas” o “Todos mis cristales”, he has proved himself as a brilliant spiritualist medium of the most melancholic and sophisticated pop, impregnated with a paradoxically healing darkness.