“Zona de ruido” (Noise zone) is a project that investigates new ways of listening based on the concept of noise, understood as a sound space that we build and inhabit day by day. The artists have created five audio tracks in different areas of Poblenou del Delta and surroundings, from the quietest to the noisiest. Their intention is to establish – from their music – a dialogue with the sound environment that we inhabit, and to take into account the reality acoustics located outside our headphones, including it as part of the creative process.

The audio tracks, available on their Youtube channel, are a series of long shots that travel through the chosen areas so that the viewer can follow the route he sees on his mobile phone. At this point, and just as it happened with listening, the REAL – your journey and the sounds that surround you – and the VIRTUAL – what you see in the video and the music you hear through the headphones – come into conflict establishing a labyrinthic dialogue for the senses.

Meeting Point: Poblet, in front of the church

  • Attendants must use their smartphones and headphones

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