Playback Maracas, the eccentric electronic duo from Mataró (Barcelona), have garnered the attention of the public, press and promoters alike with their Latin electronic pop, jam-packed with analogue drum machines, ethereal keyboards and exotic guitars. Their innovative and infectious sound draws from a number of sources (indie, house, psychedelia, cumbia) to form the perfect music to dance to all night long.

Although the rich detail in their songs suggests a larger group, there are just two people behind Playback Maracas, Eloi Martínez and Álex Pérez; The first being responsible for drums, percussion, synthesizers and a vocoder; the second handling samplers and synthesizers, in addition to an amazing instrument that plays the bass and lead guitar simultaneously.

With just five live videos on Youtube, ‘Welcome Latino Alien’, ‘Las Palmas’, ‘New Year’, ‘Moohn’ and ‘Cabesa’, they have already captured the world’s attention, and now they are planning to release their new album in October 2018. For the moment, their latest material includes an incredible live version of “Nightcall”, by French artist Kavinsky, which became extremely popular thanks to the movie “Drive”. For them the future looks bright.