Roc Jiménez was a multidisciplinary artist when the word wasn’t created yet. Roc is EVOL project (alongside the Scottish artist Stephen Sharp) and Alku label (with Anna Ramos). But he’s the spanish artist releasing on Mego label, and his work can be either a 4CD of deconstructed acid-house or as a laser installation, a weird sound device with mini sound fragments or a manifesto about the processes of deformation. At Museu de Tortosa Roc will present his “untitled” laser installation (or did you think it had already been standardized?), an intense experience and, at the same time, extremely subtle born from the piece he presented at Arts Santa Mònica last year. From the club to the museum, computer music has always had a name, but this Barcelona artist avoid all labeling.

Curated by Arnau Horta.

[button type=”success” size=”lg”] Opening: August 30th at 20:00h
Sala Antoni Garcia. Museu de Tortosa | August 30th – Sept. 8th
From Tuesday to Thursday from 10:00 to 13:30 and 17:00 to 19:30;
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