Sandra and Gaspard Bébié-Valérian work together since 2004. The issues they are exploring concern the environment, energy, food, nature, hyper-industrial resources and the constituent powers of our society. Their installations assemble organic, chemical and electronic materials and often place the public in a position of choice, active responsibility or emancipation. The present “Frack” in Eufònic Urbà, with the collaboration of Thierry Guibert.

They have exhibited and participated in numerous exhibitions and festivals including the International Digital Art Biennial (Montreal), Centraltrack and the Edith O’Donnel Building-ATEC (Dallas), the National Dramatic Center of Montpellier, in October Digital (Arles), the SKOL art center and the Art Souterrain festival (Montréal) or CEAAC (Strasbourg).

In addition, they co-direct Oudeis, a contemporary art center established at Le Vigan, dedicated to arts, technologies and media.

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