We are fans of STA. We could leave it here, because the public of Eufònic will remember them in one of the first performances of the festival, there in the Tunnel of infamous memory. But in this time the Barcelonian band plagued by Argentines – with the best nicks of the scene – had time to rearm, release a handful of long albums and singles, become a myth of the underground scene and be acclaimed in France as what they are: a dub machine that mixes Jamaican rhythms with electronics, punk, experimentation and free structures that mixes and do effects organically, in a live show that is a celebration of rhythm and energy. Creative cell articulated around Pope – member of Barba Corsini, Fuego and the disappeared Bradien – his music drinks directly from the primitive sources of the Jamaican dub to escape all orthodoxy, with warm rhythms and abrasive melodies with which it is impossible to sit still.