Many years ago Visual 404 imagined what 2018 would be like. When Instagram Stories had not even been invented and memes and gifs were still a niche communication tool, this female collective (headed by journalist and visual artist HJ Darger) already conceived / made their articles about movies, video clips and art in general, just as we humans began to do now. Pioneers in the forms and visionaries in the content, they have always been at the forefront and in the margins, greeting us from the future.

While artists like Jaden Smith release an album exclusively on Instagram, on the radio, screen captures are still printed today to read live tweets. Through memes, direct and contents that evaporate in 24 hours, we will investigate how and in what platforms and networks contemporary culture is transformed.

Visual404 is a visual studies platform for the new virtuality that investigates mutations in 15 seconds, exactly what a story in IG lasts.


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