Hayley Cantor aka Vj Ayl is a VJ, who dabbles in a wide range of fields including graphic design, illustration and psychology. In her spare time she trots around the globe with a backpack and swings about in a hammock. She adores paper and her camera is her third arm.

The inspiration for VJ AYL comes from a Cosmocomic story, ‘Senze Colori,’ written by Italo Calvino, which describes how the world was before the existence of colour. It tells the story of how the character Ayl brings ‘varicoloured sumptuousness’ to an otherwise grey world. Coincidently, the three letters come from the middle part of Hayley’s name. Ayl was born out of deep love for both music and visual art forms and experiments with 3D animation and video to explore the relationship between image and sound.