Xavi Lloses is a kind of Carles Santos from the Internet era, one of the most peculiar artists in the Catalan scene. Antipianist, sound terrorist and multidisciplinary artist, absorbed in the continuous exploration of the nebulous outskirts between music and the unknown. In 2013 he won the Puig-Porret prize with the “Nautilus” project, a sound and visual installation, that was at the same time an instrument, and could be seen at Eufònic 2015; he is a member of the Nuboläris collective. As a composer he has collaborated with Lluís Danés, Oriol Broggi or Àlex Rigola in the theater scene, with poets such as Josep Pedrals, Carles Hache Muere, Enric Casasses and Carles Andreu and with artists such as David Ymbernon or Laia Estruch, among many others.