AREA is a network that supports arts in rural areas by creating exchanges of experiences between,  researching working methods and stimulating the advocacy on a local, regional, national and European level. Since October 2020 AREA has been an independent network. It is based on its members voluntary contribution and individual participation. The members support each other by sharing knowledge, experiences and information, writing subsidy applications, giving workshops and developing coaching projects and organize art projects and residencies. 

AREA includes all disciplines. Members of AREA are artists, creators, activists, organizers, policymakers and scientists. We have four working groups that focus on: Methods, Creative Communities, Advocacy and AREA Meets the World with a special focus on Latin America and Australia. All who would like to contribute are welcome.


To present it we will have Henk Keizer (independent commissioner and promoter of AREA), Anna Estdahl (Italian internationalization consultant) and Jean Vinet (also founder of AREA as well as FEDEC and Circostrada), moderated by Marta Oliveres.