Presented at the latest Grec festival 2020, the choreographer’s new project investigates the possible choreographic and plastic dimensions of sound and body. Her previous work is closely related to electronic music and visual arts (we have seen her working with Alba G. Corral) and in this piece she works around the phenomenon of synesthesia, giving shape and plasticity to sound and sonorizing the body, the space and objects.

Constructed through the conjunction of the body-object-sound elements relating and mutually affecting each other, carrying out different strategies to mutate their perception and re-signify them, it transfers concepts of sound, spatiality, corporeality and temporality from some elements to others, where the line of perception between what is generated and how it is produced is in constant drift and fluctuation, leaving an open sensory field that allows the generation of different associations and meanings.

Concept, direction and interpretation: Amaranta Velarde
Sound design and concept: Amaranta Velarde in collaboration with Juan Cristóbal Saavedra
Lighting design: Daniel Miracle
External eye: Cris Blanco
Production: Centro de Danza Canal Madrid
Co-production: La Caldera Barcelona and Antic Teatre Barcelona
With the support of: Laboral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial de Gijón