Betacam, the alias of Javier Carrasco from Santander, is a hyperactive member of the indie scene in Madrid, since he plays in other adventures such as Templeton and White Russians and is a live musician in Tulsa and Cosmen Adelaida. His first album “Mítico”, which we have been waiting since the EP “Tecnazo”, is an effervescent, intelligent and addictive electronic pop album with instant hymns like “Chacal”, “Otras chavalas” or the surprising “Cospedal” ( with one of the best verses of the year: “one more night, crying in the disco”). Exciting melodies, updated dance rhythms from the 80s, touches of Italo disco and frenetic synths, witty lyrics -avoiding to be the funniest guy of the class- and a first-person storytelling that makes the identification immediate. The critics have found in his music echoes of Carlos Berlanga, Parade or Javiera Mena, but it is clear that Betacam has plenty of weapons to make his songs perfect pop artifacts that go beyond nostalgia. “Mítico” has points to be one of the best record of the year. Surrendered