As young European artists did in the 17th century, the wanderers of Grand Tour understand travelling, walking in this case, as an artistic practice. After a two weeks route –from Montserrat to the Ebre Delta, thorough el Penedés, Sierra of Prades, el Priorat, the Ebre river and els Ports– members of Grand Tour 2018 will reach Eufònic on Friday 31st of August, where they will interpret the Conference on Nothing, by John Cage, and will be able to attend all the acts in the festival.

During the two weeks of the Grand Tour 2018, the walkers will fulfill a stage per day, which will oscillate between 15 and 23 km. On plain soil and on the mountain, through urban paths and through rural tracks. At the end of each stage, they will be received by an artist or group of artists that will share their work and their spaces with them.

The voyage is opened to the public in all the formats: one could walk the entire journey, one or two days, or simply attend the arrivals at the arrival points and enjoy what the host artist offers in each stage. All the route is geolocalized at

The piece that will the wanderers will interpret at their arrival, Lecture on Nothing, is a conference on the the subject nothing, structured as a musical score: with a precise control of the words that have to spoken, and also of the tempo and the moments in which they have to be spoken. It is an invitation to listen without interpreting, without deducting, without inferring. An invitation to allow the flow of the language musicality without paying attention to its meaning but, at the same time, paying all the attention to it. John Cage puts in mumusica all what he knows on Zen and on contemporary musical notation.