Her violin, amplified, looped and passed through a thousand effects, it has been playing with bands like Manos de Topo, Arbol, Za! and dozens of artists from the spanishindie scene. But when she presents herself with her solo project – accompanied by Za’s drummer, Edu Pou – everything takes another hape and her name is pluralized: Los Sara Fontán has a huge talent to thrill through abstraction, without corsets stylistic, between post-rock and contemporary classic, noise and minimalism, the most tender and the harshest moments. They’ve been playing in many national and European festivals, and in each of them contributing their bit: the soundtrack that anyone wants to imagine himself. She says she improvises: we will not take the opposite, but no one would say achieving this level of perfection.

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Miravet Castle access:
Visit Miravet Castle before the concert, 5€
Free entrance at 18:30h with concert ticket.