“Aresta” (edge) proposes to eliminate human presence of musical performance. An ensemble of saxophones becomes the interpreter and an autonomous instrument. Eight hanging saxophones of pyramidal metallic structures and a series of loudspeakers arranged inside the tubes act are the sound source, and the instrument, as a resonator body that amplifies and filters the sound, accommodates more than a hundred LED’s creating a great choreography that moves in perfect synchrony with sound.

Active in various disciplines of the contemporary field such as electroacoustic music, free improvisation, modern repertoire and collaborations with dance and theater, Marc Vilanova’s work focuses on the exploration of the instrument, a permanent research of new sounds, techniques and expressions that make up an intense and vibrant musical discourse. His work has been presented at various festivals around the world (Japan, USA, Canada, Brazil, Taiwan, Russia and many others); His pedagogical activity has led him to teach workshops and master classes at universities such as Tokyo National University “GEIDAI”, MIT Saxophone Ensemble of Taipei, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Saxophone Academy of São Paulo, Sibelius Academy of Helsinki, Royal Academy of Music Aarhus or the Hochschule für Musik Basel.

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